A personal relationship with Jesus Christ is central and essential to all that we do. A real relationship with God is available to anyone who would decide to relate to Jesus as their Savior and Lord. The local church is a collective group of individuals who have submitted their lives to God through Jesus, with each individual functioning cooperatively with one another, to accomplish God's purposes. The benefits of a personal relationship with Jesus are eternal life and the power of a life transformed!

Kingdom Outpost is a non-denominational Christian church fellowship that emphasizes worship and the Word and fellowship along with gift-oriented ministry.

Vision: A local outpost of Christians, advancing Jesus' kingdom with pragmatic unity, having a trans-local impact.

Mission: To advance Jesus' kingdom through life application of biblical principles, caring for people so that they are convinced to connect with the local church.

Objectives: To care for people relationally, materially and spiritually. To convince people of the authenticity of the local church. To connect people with a functional relationship to the local church.​​